Indeed, Occupy Your American Voting Rights 2012

However, please, question everyone’s personal knowledge, understanding, reality or truth and all the facts first: Is it the Corporations or our labor Unions that care about workers rights, health, safety and welfare? Which is it or who, the Republicans or Democrats political party politics always working toward, fighting and arguing for the overall demise and/or totalitarian deregulation of our local, state and federal governments’ health, safety and welfare protection programs and their oversight agencies? All States or Governments created were/was formed by the very people it agreed to protect; yet, corporate personhood and its greed for money, power and control has caused a greater damage to our global commons in the natural, built and social environments where the costs have far outweighed the benefits for 99% of the world’s population. Stay tuned for more in the “ULC Private Attorneys General” federal case: Environmental Personhood, et al, -vs- Corporate Personhood, et al,

Did you know that, “You are approximately one family out of 12-16 families a day in the United States that found out your loved one was fatality injured in a preventable work-related incident.” See and learn to question everything before you vote for someone this year in our November 2012 General Elections.


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