10TH Cohort SJ-524 Group Project 2012: Comprehending and Composting The Detroit Diet Non-Profit NGO

  • A healthier you, today for tomorrow and the future!
  • Enriching the understanding of the nutrition value of food in order to prevent the negative impacts of the lives and health of Detroiters
  • In the city of Detroit, many of our residence are living in areas without groceries stores or fresh. When these people are in a place where they can purchase healthy foods, they are unaware as to what might be the best, most nutrition foods for their shopping dollar.
  • Our intent is to teach the residences about the nutrition value of food, which foods will offer the best values, how to purchase these foods, and how to farm food for the family, to show how what you eat affects how you feel and what diseases you may deal with, provide field trips to community farms lots, to teach to community where and how to shop for nutrition foods, to teach the community how to farm at home.
  • Backyard Garden Photo
  • Garden Resource Program
    Participants in the Garden Resource Program (GRP) receive resources including seeds and Detroit grown transplants and become part of a growing network of gardeners and advocates working to promote and encourage urban agriculture and a thriving local food system in the City.
    The GRP also supports neighborhood-based cluster groups designed to connect growers to one another and provide local access to resources and opportunities.
    Urban gardeners and farmers that participate actively in their cluster group (attending meetings, workdays, or other activities) are eligible to receive additional resources, such as tilling, compost, flowers, woodchips, weed fabric, volunteers, and access to a tool sharing program. http://detroitagriculture.net/urban-garden-programs/garden-resource-program/
  • GOAL
  • To provide the community ways to insure their health and the health of their future generations through awareness and education.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kXEcVODZrk
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FitiGlNI9-g&feature=relmfu

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